5 Steps to Delivering Compliant Business Communications

A guide from avsnet and Cisco

Most financial services organisations have a digital services strategy, but two regulations (GDPR and MiFID II) are radically changing how financial services companies should invest in business communications….

This guide is designed to tackle these regulations head-on while also helping you deliver compliant business communications.

1. Acknowledge digitisation’s disruptive effect 

94% of hedge fund managers believe technology will have an impact on competition over the next five years and more than a third of those interviewed expect the effect to be “significant”.

Your first step relates more to overall business strategy. Technology should be positioned as a positive force that can improve a workforce’s efficiency, an enabler to deliver compliance and the means to drive positive business outcomes. Do you see it that way?

2. Understand the benefits

Next comes the need to outline clear expectations for any collaboration technology. There are countless case studies in the market, ours included, that enable you to better understand what’s realistically achievable from a compliance perspective and what business outcomes are attainable. Do your solutions have a proven track record?

3. Define your collaboration ecosystem

Compliance only occurs when you have complete insight over what makes up your collaboration estate. The same applies to whether any solutions within your ecosystem could have a negative effect on compliance.

What communications systems do you have? How large is your workforce and what are their communication practices? Are cost savings being prioritised over security? Are current applications compliant with current and upcoming regulations?

4. Assess GDPR & MiFID II specifically

Each of these specific regulations are highly complex and have severe consequences for cases of non-compliance. Ensuring your collaboration technology adheres to every clause is crucial for financial services firms. Why not offload that responsibility to a compliant service provider?

5. Make an informed decision

Make sure your business communications solutions are delivering maximum return on investment, business value and compliance. To help you evaluate your own collaboration estate, the example below shows what a compliant communications system looks like.

Introducing a Solution to Deliver These Benefits

Supercharge your workforce with a cloud collaboration solution that makes decision-making faster, people work better together and customer satisfaction higher.

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about avsnet

Established in 2005, avsnet is a communication and collaboration solutions provider unlike any other. It has an outstanding track record of delivering immediate, sustainable business improvement to organisations of every size and sector.

Its extensive technical knowledge underpins a broad portfolio. This includes visual communications, unified communications, collaboration solutions and an unrivalled understanding of the corporate network. avsnet only recommends best-in-class technology to deliver the benefits you expect.

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