Like all industries, technology is transforming the legal sector and the way law practices and the legal profession works. There are many exciting technology advancements enabling this transformation.

Some look at helping law firms to become more efficient, more productive and therefore more profitable as a business. But others are more about survivability and changes in work styles, demographics and emerging competition.

As much as each of these offer great opportunities to thrive and grow, there are potential pitfalls for legal businesses that are slow to adapt or who implement technology ineffectively.

For the first time, we’re seeing multiple generations of workers working within a single legal practice. This gap, that ranges from the Baby Boomers and older, to the new “Early in Career” Gen Y workforce, creates a huge spread in technological demands on the business.

But it’s not only how technology is used within a law firm that creates a challenge…

“Legal Process Outsourcing” has been a growing trend over recent years for the delivery of legal services. Whether from within the UK or from off-shore providers, this outsourcing of the provision of certain legal services has a high dependency on technology; technology that must be reliable, easy to use and most of all, highly secure!

Video is becoming a fast growing communication medium within the legal sector. But again, it must be reliable and secure because of the confidential nature of content shared across this platform.

These are just a few of the numerous trends reshaping the legal industry. When we add eco-consciousness, alternative billing models, globalisation and the emerging competition from virtual law firms, we can see that technology is proving to be a key catalyst to change.

So What Does All This Mean to You?

It means that if the world around you is changing, you can’t do things the way you always did and expect the results you’ve always had. More importantly, if we go to back to where we started and “If You Are a Growing Law Practice”, then technology will help you survive, grow and prosper.

So decide today to discover how technology can help you take advantage of the many trends affecting your industry. Discover how technology can help you provide a better service to the individuals and businesses you support, and… If I can help in anyway, connect with me and I’ll be happy to share our experience of working, closely with Polycom, with businesses in the legal sector.

In the same way that your business sells services to help and improve the lives of your clients, that’s what we aim to do also and I’d be happy to share; without obligation.

Or call me on 020 3005 3585 to get more details. I want you to witness the benefits of video collaboration for yourself and I want you to gather the evidence from using this technology first hand to support your verdict on whether this is for you.

Simply find out more, you’ve nothing to lose.