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Achievements and News Aplenty

We’re always striving for better, but this summer has been an exceptional period for us as a company. We have had many exciting announcements – from award wins to new starters.

We’ve just been shortlisted for Reseller of the Year at this year’s CRN Channel Awards. This is an incredible achievement for us. The awards are the largest and most prestigious in the industry and we are excited and privileged to be shortlisted for our achievements.

This continues on our success in recent industry awards, following on from our Comms Business Channel Entrepreneur of the Year win earlier this year. You can read more about our recent awards and accreditations later on in the newsletter.

New Look, Same Values

We’ve been working on our new website and we’re pleased to be able to share it with you. Our core values are still the same – to provide exceptional service to our customers – and our new look website aims to make finding out about our solutions and services easy.

Also on our website is a new animated video, showcasing our services and how our solutions help our customers to work and communicate effectively. We’re keen to hear your feedback in person if you’re attending our upcoming breakfast roundtable on the 22nd September. Be sure to register if you haven’t already.

Business is Booming

Summer is the end of our financial year and a time to reflect on the year’s achievements. Last year the company grew by 22%, and we also grew in numbers with four new members joining our team this summer.

We welcomed Kennie Cole as our new Operations Director, having previously held positions at SCC and Cable & Wireless. Kennie has a wealth of experience delivering and developing solutions across our portfolio and will help our operational teams to provide an even better service to our customers.

Gareth Wilson joins us as Financial Director, responsible for delivering sustainable business growth. Gareth brings his 15 years of experience in finance across the UK international and corporate sectors and is CIMA Qualified.

Graham Fry, Managing Director

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Case Study: avsnet’s Expert Installation and Support lets Polycom Show Off its Solutions

As a leading provider of video and voice conferencing solutions, Polycom’s executive experience centres showcase the very best in its innovative collaboration solutions.

The aim? Find a provider who would respond quickly to technical issues and provide ongoing support to the same high standards that underpin its own services.

“With over 20 crucial meetings a week in our London and Paris locations, we needed our technology to be reliable, functioning correctly and really showing off the Polycom video experience we are known for.” Graeme Fish, Director, EMEA Theatre Experience Centres.

What Made avsnet Stand Out?

  • Quality of previous installations and projects
  • Technical knowledge and expertise
  • A dedicated service team
  • Specialisations and accreditations
  • Polycom Platinum Partner status
  • The experience it showed during recent high profile Polycom projects

The Solution

  • What did avsnet deliver? The company redesigned the showcase rooms and installed a customised AV and video conferencing suite.
  • Why? To enhance video interviews and improve the user experience for presenters.
  • What was provided post deployment? avsnet’s renowned support services with one single, dedicated point of contact.
  • What happens if they are not available? Polycom has access to a full service-desk and engineering team via telephone support.


“We have a great working partnership with avsnet. Our projects were completed on time and to an extremely high standard. avsnet has been great throughout, from pre-project through to post deployment support and their advice on the best solutions for our needs was extremely helpful,” said Fish.

The Polycom team now have video interviews that run much smoother, equipment that’s easier to use and the ability to set up meetings even faster.

The new meeting rooms’ added functionalities have enhanced the overall video conference experience and enable presenters to better demonstrate the benefits and features to potential customers, all with the confidence that the equipment will work seamlessly and reliably.

When technical issues have occurred, Polycom have received expert support from its single point of contact, with avsnet’s engineers ready to resolve issues on-site quickly and efficiently.

“We couldn’t have asked for more from avsnet. Making the switch has been a great success. We now have a more stable video conferencing environment. We’ve had less trouble tickets since installation and when we do have issues, avsnet’s team are quick to respond and resolve them,” concluded Fish.

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Video: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

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A Team Effort: Awards and Accreditations

With plenty of great achievements for the team, this summer has been another roaring success. We are always refining our services and it’s a privilege to be recognised for our efforts.


As mentioned earlier in the newsletter, we have just been shortlisted for Reseller of the Year at this year’s CRN Channel Awards. We are very excited, as this is one of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

I was honoured to win Channel Entrepreneur of the Year at this year’s Comms Business Awards, however it was more a team effort. avsnet would not have achieved its success without the dedication and expertise of our team and this year has been no different. I am immensely proud and would like to thank everyone for helping us achieve this award.

We were also awarded Imago’s Polycom Collaboration Partner of the Year at its annual Business Breakthrough event. This was a new category and we were delighted to be the first winners, based on our strong partnership with Polycom.


Earlier this year we became Polycom RealPresence Clariti certified. It is one of Polycom’s newest qualifications and we are one of the first UK partners to hold this certification. This enables us to deliver even better Polycom solutions to customers. We are also able to offer the new flexible pricing model for a more financially sustainable approach to deploying Polycom collaboration and infrastructure solutions.

Another validation – we retained our Cisco Master Collaboration certification for the second year. This achievement was largely down to our excellent engineers who have shown a consistently high-level of service over the last twelve months.

All of these awards and accreditations are wonderful news, but also provide our customers the assurance that they are supported along every step of the deployment process. They are also evidence of our specialised, high-quality managed services that underpin every solution we deploy.

Thank you to everyone involved.

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Fostering A Positive Digital Culture in the Workplace

As we’ve discussed before, the workplace is forever evolving. Traditional working environments are being replaced with flexible, innovative solutions that enhance how people do their jobs. Most executives know the efficiency and productivity advantages from investing in collaboration tools, but are these actually translating into daily use?

Cisco’s new research, Digital Culture Clash, gives an indication of the level of progress being made in UK organisations.

Almost 50% of those who were interviewed said they spent at least half a working day using some form of digital technology. People understood the reasons why their employers were implementing solutions (productivity benefits, reduced costs and automation were the top reasons) but a third struggled to see success from the deployment.

Why? Poor adoption. 57% said they would’ve liked more information on how to use the new technology and felt solutions weren’t explained to them enough. That figure is a stark reminder of how important it is to support employees through the entire digitisation process.

We are a strong believer in extensive training, usage adoption and user on-boarding. The more focus a business puts on explaining how technology works, the more likely people will use what’s in front of them. If you clearly demonstrate to staff how new technologies will help their everyday lives with use-case scenarios they actually understand, you should see a positive response to the technology from the outset.

After all, technology cannot use itself. You need your people to be willing to change how they work if you are to see a return on investment.

Understand how we can help here.

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Flexible Working – Are Your Employees Satisfied?

Flexible working has become increasingly commonplace but is still not as prevalent as you might think.

Businesses are investing in flexible working environments but costs and infrastructure changes can hold executives back from advancing with their strategies.

Flexible working has many advantages. From a company perspective, employees aren’t restricted to working from their desks and can take their work with them. This is especially helpful for sales representatives at new business meetings or for engineers working at clients.

A recent survey by Fuze revealed that 85% of European workers believe being able to work flexibly, in terms of both time and location, is important.

The latest generation entering the workplace are adept at utilising software and apps. They are accustomed to mobile technology and communication apps and will expect the same from their employer.

Creating a flexible working environment

The Fuze survey also discovered that 51% of workers cite inadequate technology from their employer as a restriction to working effectively. Businesses now need the right toolkit to deliver success.

Video calling and conferencing tools provide a more natural meeting environment when working remotely. Collaboration software and unified communications solutions enable employees to communicate wherever they may be and to access information on any device in real-time. This ensures work is not interrupted by being out of the office or away from the team, improving communication and productivity in the process.

Over two thirds of employees in the survey believe the technology currently available at their workplace has some catching up to do. Communication and video tools are second nature to most now outside of work so why not bring the benefits into the business? Establish a strong strategy first, then tailor solutions to your business needs – there is no value in having a state of the art solution that nobody uses.

Find out more about our consulting services.

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