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video conferencing

Video communication is a business transforming technology.

Proven to reduce development timescales and costs, improve supply chain management and increase the productivity and effectiveness of remote and flexible workers, it is a critical component of modern business.  

Other benefits include reductions in costly time-consuming travel, office space and an organisation’s environmental impact.
It enables busy staff to work with greater productivity and effectiveness. Video interaction with customers, colleagues and suppliers is now irreplaceable.
From ad-hoc point-to-point desktop video calls delivered as a pay-per-use  cloud service to onsite room based video conferencing and immersive telepresence suites, the bottom line impact and financial gain from video is beyond doubt.
The pressing concern for most organisations is how to drive adoption and cultural shifts to ensure the necessary utilisation for yielding strong return on investment.
avsnet takes a holistic approach to implementing video. It works with customers to implement the most suitable technology on the right network infrastructure. This guarantees a flawless video experience.
It then trains staff to use its intuitive systems and monitors usage, therefore driving adoption levels and facilitating a cultural shift to provide the full range of benefits video conferencing can offer.