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immersive telepresence

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avsnet's bespoke, immersive telepresence suite in central London demonstrates how we manage difficult room environments, working closely with our clients to create a customised solution and match a specific corporarte identity. avsnet would be happy to host a demonstration for you in the showroom

Immersive telepresence lets an organisation benefit from the positive aspects of a traditional meeting, but without the challenges of getting participants from different locations in the same room.
Bringing teams together from across the world with telepresence for meetings that retain the animation, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, vocal intonations and emotion of traditional meetings is a powerful business enabler. Immersive telepresence is the ultimate communication experience that takes video conferencing to the next level.
With avsnet helping drive adoption within your organisation and technology that facilitates information/content sharing, there are huge collaboration and cost benefits to be had. Documents, presentations and video content can be worked on with colleagues, partners or customers as though they are in the same room.
avsnet uses market leading lighting, camera and microphone equipment to deliver high definition video and crystal clear audio. Its expertise with custom built furniture and space-conscious design, as well as its intuitive control systems for automated climate, lighting, sound and visual control, means staff can walk into a professional space with the conference already live.
The technology becomes secondary as conference participants focus on true, rich and lifelike meeting experiences, where you can focus on a true, rich and lifelike meeting experience – enabling you to conduct your business with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption, cost and time spent travelling and environmental impact.


avsnet’s bespoke and architected room based telepresence / collaboration demo suite in central London.

We offer all leading vendor based solutions as well as bespoke solutions that offer full customisation to suit your brand/space and show great savings against vendor based solutions.

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