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Central London - Telepresence demonstration suite

There is no doubting the power of immersive telepresence in creating the most realistic virtualised meeting experience.

One of the factors that has held back adoption is the prohibitive expense and the lack of intuitive easy to use controls.

avsnet offers all leading vendor based solutions yet also bespoke solutions that offer full customisation to suit individual brand and space requirements. 

avsnet’s fully architected and bespoke room based solution gives a choice of materials to tailor the look and feel to your corporate style and easy to use, easy to manage controls designed for one touch conference set up.

avsnet gives you the ease of functionality to enjoy real, life-like virtual meetings at a price point that lets you enjoy the operational savings associated with the reduction in travel expenses and productivity that it will bring.

If you would like to discuss your own plans and would like to see a demonstration in our central London telepresence suite please contact us.