Environmental Services Firm Rescues Itself From Poor Call Centre Productivity

The company classes itself as ‘the fourth emergency service’ as it operates 24/7 and deals with flooding and drainage emergencies across London.

We wanted to share another of our customer case studies, this time about an environmental services firm that required a new call management system. Despite the number of calls the company receives, it did not have a dedicated contact centre before avsnet.

The Challenge

The company’s existing phone system was no longer a good fit for its operational needs and configuring and managing the solution was becoming increasingly difficult for the IT department.

Due to the nature of emergencies the company assists with, customer calls need to be dealt with as efficiently as possible to ensure a quick response time and to prevent emergencies from escalating. Finding available engineers and staff was proving time consuming and meant that not every call was being answered as quickly as it should.

The company needed a system that would drive an increase in the number of calls being answered and allow managers to monitor and measure contact centre staff activity.

Furthermore, financial resources were limited so the company required a technology partner that could offer cost effective support throughout the deployment.

Selection Process

The company selected avsnet for a number of reasons. As a leading Cisco partner, avsnet arranged a comprehensive demo before purchase, an opportunity only usually given to companies of a considerable size.

The solution best suited to the company’s requirements actually cost slightly more than originally budgeted for, however avsnet demonstrated that for every additional five to seven calls staff made using the more efficient system, there was added potential for extra sales leads.

avsnet also provided extensive support services, a flexible financing plan to make ongoing costs manageable and proved the solution’s business benefits by clearly charting the potential return on investment from the solution.

The Solution

The company now has a dedicated contact centre to respond to customer calls. This includes a customised wallboard and reporting software solution designed by avsnet to track and communicate employees’ call progress in real-time, as well as providing reporting statistics of call times, number of calls made, daily targets and other metrics. The data from the wallboard is also used in staff appraisals as a record of individual sales staff activity.

Other solutions included:

  • Automated campaign dialling – enables users to create call campaigns and utilises automatic dialling to increase efficiency and simplify the sales call process.
  • Unified management service – an integrated calling solution that allows users to call from any mobile device with an IP address and acts like a local call. The application shows who is available for a call or message using a traffic light system.

Employees initially had some issues adjusting to the systems, so avsnet offered the option of physical handsets or headsets to ease the transition. After the initial installation, avsnet worked with the company to continue personalising the chosen solution for each employee to their individual workflows.


Since installation, the company has seen a significant improvement, quadrupling the number of calls. The call centre is able to efficiently deal with incoming calls and has a structured approach to personalised outbound campaigns.

The company plans to introduce visual communications to be able to offer remote maintenance, enabling its engineers to work remotely with a larger team of experts to solve emergencies faster. This will include the use of specialised cameras that can feedback information about drainage problems in real-time, so that situations can be assessed more accurately and help determine the remedial work required.

There are also plans to install an integrated employee tracking service for engineers. This would allow the call centre to find the closest available engineer and deploy them faster, further increasing efficiency.

Edan Etgar

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Edan Etgar
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Esrar Ahmed
IT Helpdesk Manager / The Electoral Commission

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Stuart Carrison
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Penny Williams
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