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Qualcomm Case Study: an expert in wireless and mobile technology, true multinational organisation and global leader .

Like avsnet, Qualcomm shares a belief that technology can transform professional and personal lives for the better. This makes the two companies a perfect cultural fit to drive more effective collaboration across Qualcomm’s business.

The Challenge

Qualcomm’s corporate structure and global workforce dispersion meant face-to-face communication could be time consuming, costly and difficult to organise.

Qualcomm Case Study Montage - avsnetWhen relocating its UK headquarters, Qualcomm recognised an opportunity to assess and overhaul its communications processes to drive greater collaboration throughout the organisation.

With avsnet’s expertise behind the visual communications overhaul, it identified that for Qualcomm to remain competitive, cutting communications-related expenditure and driving stronger, time-efficient collaboration needed to occur.

Furthermore, Qualcomm’s own requirements included:

  • A full visual collaboration estate that would actually be used
  • Utilisation of existing legacy technology to keep costs down
  • Consistency with US corporate branding and solution design guidelines

The Solution

Following engagement with key stakeholders, avsnet outlined a visual communications strategy that included:

  • A visual communications estate spanning collaborative boardrooms, meeting spaces and recreation areas
  • Professional, easy-to-administer digital signage for the office’s reception
  • An implementation plan that fit within the organisation’s wider construction requirements
  • Unobtrusive solution and room design so the end-user’s focus is on collaboration and decision-making, not controlling the technology
  • Integration with Qualcomm US’ IT department for remote management and support
  • Flexible solution design that used existing infrastructure while keeping costs down

avsnet’s long-standing relationship with Qualcomm also meant it was familiar with how to meet Qualcomm’s desired business outcomes within budget and on-time.


With access to intuitive visual communications solutions, staff are able to communicate face-to-face quickly, easily and without any travel-related expenditure.

Budgetary considerations were equally important during implementation, which is why avsnet’s implementation team worked around the clock, seven days a week to meet Qualcomm’s strict construction deadlines to avoid any delays.

The solution design incorporated legacy technology, which further reduced Qualcomm’s overall expenditure and helped cut IT wastage.

Alongside avsnet’s regular proactive on-site maintenance, its delivery model’s flexibility meant that once it was ready to transfer control to Qualcomm’s central IT department in the US, it did so without complication or disruption.

Penny Williams, Manager at Qualcomm, said, “We found it a pleasure to work with avsnet. The team fully understood what we needed to achieve from a business perspective and provided us with a range of visual communications solutions that we as a business are proud of.

It incorporated our existing visual communications equipment where necessary to keep down costs, and it also met the stringent guidelines from the US to ensure we delivered a consistent look and feel. 

avsnet met every challenge they were given within the tight timeframes outlined.”

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Penny Williams

"The team fully understood what we needed and provided us with a range of communications solutions that we as a business are proud of."

Penny Williams
Manager / Qualcomm

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