Revolutionise how your people work.

Our expertise covers every element of business collaboration, from video communications, unified communications and audio-visual, to an unrivalled understanding of the corporate network and managed services.

Our technical capability, design knowledge and deployment flexibility make us a truly unique provider. Choose with confidence – you will benefit from world-class collaboration, communication and a rock-solid network.


Transform your network for business success

Without a high-performing network, technology falters. Your network is the backbone of your business and it must be secure, reliable and future-proof.

Our proposition is a unified, intelligent network that scales and grows alongside your collaboration estate. All our solutions revolve around simple management, flexibility and operational efficiency.

Wireless & Enterprise Mobility

Mobilise your organisation and enable your people to work more productively. Our mobility and wireless solutions accelerate innovation, drive better collaboration and let you connect with customers on a more personal level.

Give your employees secure access to their applications, data and communications wherever they are, whatever device they are on.

Hosted, managed or cloud, let us support your workforce on their journey towards more flexible working.


Reduce your network footprint and simplify daily management. Deliver a consistent experience, increase application visibility and simplify operations.

From the user edge, through campus distribution and core networking, to the data centre – we are experts at security, video, wireless and network management.

Gain greater control with our data security, bandwidth provisioning and continuous monitoring services. Lower IT operating costs and TCO. Simplify and reap the business benefits.


Our network architecture is built with scalability and flexibility at its core, enabling you to boost network performance as your business expands.

Advanced routing capabilities ease the strain on branch lines. Relieve the pressure facing the WAN from mobility, cloud apps and security threats. With SCC AVS configuration, monitoring and management, enjoy improved application performance, greater network agility and higher reliability.


Better network security means better business. Extend your security capabilities and confidently protect your network, data and company reputation.

Don’t leave security to chance, take action with our network security services. Stop threats before they develop, improve response and remediation, compartmentalise your network, and strengthen your security posture today.

WAN Connectivity

Employees, customers and guests deserve a great application experience every time. Only an intelligent WAN produces that result.

With a hybrid architecture underpinning every IT service, you don’t have to compromise on performance or security. Gain visibility into traffic across the network. Automate and control with confidence. Get all of the above without spending more on bandwidth.

Cost savings from a hybrid WAN with internet services? Typically ROI in less than a year.

Data Centre

The data centre is the heart of the network. Consolidation, virtualisation, private cloud computing, hosted applications, infrastructure-as-a-service and even Big Data.

Entrust the design, operation and delivery of these services to an accredited expert. Support your business with a scalable, converged and flexible data estate from avsnet.

IoT / IoE

The Internet of Things (IoT) links smart devices and objects to the internet. It promises data exchange like never before.

Embracing the future today means better security for physical / digital assets and data. Innovative applications via Fog and Cloud computing models. Transform your business by connecting with customers 24/7/365.

Accelerate your transition to an intelligent, interconnected IoT-ready infrastructure by talking to one of our experts. The IoT will not wait, why should you?

Readiness Assessments / Testing

What you don’t know could be hurting your profitability. Our assessment services quickly deliver a detailed snapshot view of your network for better IT decision-making.

Armed with this information, review the current state of your network, the lifecycle of equipment and understand what you need to build a modern, mobile workplace.

Even if you’re not ready to upgrade,  understand where to allocate resources, where your next investment priority should be, and how to extend the lifespan of current technology and applications.


The Stats Don’t Lie…

The Stats Don’t Lie…

Flexible working enables people to connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. It’s incredibly empowering for businesses and teams. 

The Stats Don’t Lie…

Flexible working enables people to connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. It’s incredibly empowering for businesses and teams. 

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Better communication. Better Business.

Good communication is the lifeblood of any successful business.

Improve how teams communicate with tools they actually use. Empower your people to work closer together for the good of the business.

Scalable solutions, flexible applications and an experienced service team supporting you along every step of the way. SCC AVS is all you need for increased productivity and business efficiency.

Your employees are your most important business resource. When they’re brought together to share their knowledge, creativity and experience, profitability soars.


Give your people tools fit for modern communication and collaboration. The phone is still one of the most powerful options available today.

Whether starting small, growing your telephony estate, improving current systems and user management, or simplifying how you pay for services, pick up the phone to avsnet to generate the results you want.

Audio Visual Systems

We know how important great first impressions are. Our state-of-the-art, interactive AV solutions transform how you share critical information with employees, visitors, customers and partners.

Elevate your brand. Reduce miscommunication. Embrace the modern visual way of working. Create spaces that engage and impress.

We deliver solutions for every environment from auditoriums and schools, to oil and gas or retail. Our extensive knowledge of AV solution design, deployment, optimisation, support and maintenance is the only asset you need.

Crisp, high-resolution audio breaks down the barriers to effective communication.

We use only the very best audio solutions  to assure a quality user experience – from microphones, signal processors and amplifiers to management solutions and services.

Improve decision-making, strengthen relationships between staff, customers and suppliers and enable globally distributed teams to communicate clearer and better every time.

Video Walls

Big ideas need an appropriate platform to shine. Stop people in their tracks. Deliver your messages through an incredible medium built for eye-catching communication.


People are busier than ever before. They have places to be, deadlines to meet. Our video walls are designed to cut through the visual noise and grab the attention of your audience.

Underpinned by our leading managed services, SCC AVS installations are unrivalled in flexibility, quality, range and reliability.

Digital Signage

Words and images are ineffective in isolation – they need bringing together. People entering a building, walking into a store or visiting a public service want access to information quickly and easily.


SCC AVS’s intelligently designed solutions immediately stand out. They perform flawlessly day-after-day. They can be managed on-site or via the cloud for larger organisations. We take away the burden of content ownership if desired.

Content may be king, but our display technology is the queen by his side.

Room & Hot Desk Management
Flexible working means freeing staff from restrictive ways of working. An ‘anything goes’ hot desk / meeting room policy is chaos.


People need to know where to find a desk when they need one. Rooms cannot be double-booked – their availability needs to be visible in real-time.

Our powerful internal, hosted and cloud solutions simplify this process, centralise daily management and enable people to work as effortlessly as they want.

Streaming & IPTV
Fast growing businesses require every employee to be on the same page. 

Video streaming, broadcasting and IPTV solutions have revolutionised how businesses share key messages across departments, teams, supply chains and to customers. They simplify training and onboarding processes. They provide business leaders with insight into who watched what and when for compliance purposes.

Add our vast experience of the corporate network, and you have the ideal package for unleashing new business opportunities.

Video Conference Environments

Having the freedom to communicate wherever, whenever, is critical to building a productive workforce that delivers long-term innovation.

Video is one of the most flexible, powerful mediums behind these outcomes, but it must be tailored to an organisation’s brand, locations and working practices.

Meeting rooms, telepresence, huddle, desktop, mobile, home, field – our design and deployment experience extends to every possible video conferencing environment.


It Takes Two to Collaborate

It Takes Two to Collaborate

Every business has someone feverishly banging the drum for collaboration and these champions come in many shapes and sizes.



Collaboration. The Foundation of Smart Working.

When collaboration is easy, global teams come together and transform your business for the better.

Our collaboration solutions deliver your desired positive business outcomes the moment they are deployed. No uncertainty, just rapid ROI, an impressive uplift in productivity and a collaboration estate custom-built for your business.

Video Conferencing
What we hear, see and interpret subconsciously defines how we conduct ourselves at work. To keep communication clear, your workers need flexible video applications and tools to collaborate face-to-face at any time.

Our extensive partnerships, industry knowledge, technical expertise and managed services teams come together to give you the most complete, high impact video experience possible.

Don’t wait until creativity strikes to capture an idea, bring your people together and elevate your business to new heights.

Unified Communications
Working better together – that’s unified communications. Work smarter by bringing together voice, video and content sharing capabilities into one easy to manage platform.

Built around an intelligent network, our UC solutions increase customer responsiveness, help create stronger teams and improve productivity in ways you wouldn’t believe.

A workforce that collaborates effectively reacts far faster to marketplace trends and developments than one without.

Contact Centre
When someone contacts your business, they want their problem solved swiftly and competently, not in a queue frustrated. The moment a phone representative is assigned a call, they need to be attentive, informed and ready to deal with anything. This means customer insight.

Our intelligent contact centre solutions put voice, video, real-time chat, email and social media communications into the hands of your representatives.

The end result? Radically improved customer service, greater departmental efficiency and happy customers saying good things about their experience.

Interactive Displays
Turn ordinary spaces into incredible hubs for collaboration. Having an interactive display at the heart of a work space means more productive staff, better strategic planning and faster implementation of ideas.

Capture information at the touch of a button, share content with the rest of the business and prevent ideas from ever being lost again.

Video Chat / Advisors
When people have a question about your business, they want answers immediately. Free your experts from the constraints of their desk and get them talking to people again.

By integrating high quality video chat into your business website, your sales and technical people can share their expertise far faster than other communication methods. Healthcare providers can use our services to close the gap between patients and doctors.

Extremely affordable and scalable, video advisor solutions are a powerful way to bring your talented people even closer to customers and prospects.

Collaboration Platforms
For growing businesses, maintaining intimate customer relationships and responding immediately to market shifts is crucial. This is only possible with the right blend of people and technology.

Deliver a more efficient way of working with our broad range of flexible collaboration and web conferencing platforms.

Host compelling, more productive meetings. Empower people to act decisively. Accelerate decision-making. Equip your teams and stakeholders with a toolset that grows as the business does.

Command & Control Centres
When people are under pressure they need to know technology will perform. We provide control and command centres to organisations in the most highly regulated, time-sensitive sectors in the world.

Any delay to a decision could cost large sums of money or even lives. Combining visual intelligence, rapid communication, reliable networking and secure data transfer, our control centres offer everything your specialists need to make a judgement call. And fast.

Global healthcare organisations now have specialists and experienced practitioners spread across the world. The key to better healthcare tomorrow is breaking down these geographical barriers today.

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) rooms enable this very outcome. They drive better decision-making and knowledge sharing by creating a more integrated workforce. Operational efficiency can be improved through a streamlined meeting experience. Doctors, nurses and external partners have an easily accessible record of what was discussed.

When doctors work closer together, we all benefit. Be the healthcare organisation leading from the front.





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SCC Acquires avsnet

Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) has acquired a significant stake in avsnet, underlining SCC’s ongoing intent to be a significant player in the visual communications and collaboration space. Sitting within the SCC group, this move will merge SCC’s long-standing audio visual (AV) business with avsnet’s specialisations to form ‘SCC AVS’.

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